Lorenzo Fortino & Brody - Pineto Connection (Record Store Day 2023)

Connessioni - Connessioni1

2017 - South Florence. Lorenzo Fortino starts the label "Futop Musica" and the record store "Isoma". Always looking for new ideas, he decides to expand his vision by going beyond the boundaries of personal music productions with his new label "Connessioni”: a platform having the purpose of promoting new collaborations with artists he respects from a human and working point of view. August 2022 - Pineto (Brody's Studio). In only four days of sessions the first EP was produced, mixed and recorded in a very spontaneous, almost improvised way. In this EP it is possible to perceive both styles of the two producers, mixed to perfection to give life to a very concrete work, which does not leave room for too many interpretations. Opens the EP "Pineto Connection" (A1) a house track with slow bpm, embellished by Angela's voice that wraps you in a dreamy mood. It is followed on the same side by "Lollini Al Miramare" (A2) different form of straightforward house to enter with impact on the dancefloor. It continues in the same dancefloor direction on the B side with "Genziana" (B1) where the bass takes over, dragging from start to finish the track with a crescendo of unstable euphoria. Finally, the EP closes with the track "Acid Pineto" (B2) characterized by electronic drums and acid sounds that blend together, transporting you into a hypnotic techno loop that you would never want to leave..


Data sheet

Cat. No
12” Black Vinyl - Full Cover Jacket - Record Store Day 2023 Official Release
Lorenzo Fortino & Brody
Pineto Connection
Release Date
22nd April 2023
A1. Pineto Connection
A2. Lollini Al Miramare
B1. Genziana
B2. Acid Pineto

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